Australian Biblical Review volume 70 (2022)

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Boase, Elizabeth
Multiple Layers: Insights into the Development of a Trauma Drama in Lamentations and Jeremiah (ABR 70, 2022) 117.

Austin, Emma M.
Dust From Heaven: Reading רוּחַ צַח in Jeremiah 4:11–12 through the Lens of Geography (ABR 70, 2022) 18–32.

Byrne, Brendan
Fifty Years with Paul (ABR 70, 2022) 33–47.

Seglenieks, Christopher
Faith and Faithfulness in Luke (ABR 70, 2022) 48–64.

Foster, Timothy D.
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman Recast (ABR 70, 2022) 65–82.

Kidson, Lyn M.
Real Widows, Young Widows and the Limits of Benefaction in 1 Timothy 5:3–16 (ABR 70, 2022) 83–100.

Low, U-Wen
Wait, Witness, Worship: (Limited) Human Agency as Resistance in the Book of Revelation (ABR 70, 2022) 101–115.

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