Australian Biblical Review volume 69 (2021)

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Whitaker, Robyn
The Tale of Two Feasts: The Use of Synkrisis in Matthew 14:1–21 (ABR 69, 2021) 1–14.

Cauchi, Joseph
Ezekiel 21:1–22 as Trauma Literature (ABR 69, 2021) 15–22.

Thambyrajah, Jonathan
Jews In Susa—The Significance of Setting in the Book of Esther (ABR 69, 2021) 23–36.

White, Adam G.
“You’re Stealing from Us, Paul!”: An Examination of Paul’s “Painful Visit” to Corinth and the Charge of Embezzlement (ABR 69, 2021) 37–46.

Otobo, Francis Innocent
Luke’s Use of the Spirit to Engage Gentile Christians (ABR 69, 2021) 47–62.

King, Fergus J.
A Failure to Launch? Paul and the Philosophers of Athens (Acts 17:16–34) (ABR 69, 2021) 63–80.

Armitage, Chris
Jesus Remembered in James: James 2:5 and Matthew 5:3/Luke 6:20b as a Test Case of Social Memory in James (ABR 69, 2021) 81–99.

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