Australian Biblical Review volume 68 (2020)

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Dyer, Keith D.
Paul, Matthew, Israel and the Nations (ABR 68, 2020) 1–15.

Tibbertsma, Trevor
“O Happy Fall”? What Happened to Eliakim in Isaiah 22:15–25? (ABR 68, 2020) 16–27.

Shields, Martin A.
The Ignorance of Job (ABR 68, 2020) 28–39.

Evans, David A.
The First Christians of Athens (ABR 68, 2020) 40–53.

Buchanan, Grant
Identity and Human Agency in Galatians 5–6 (ABR 68, 2020) 54–66.

O’Collins, Gerald
“Peter’s Mother-In-Law (Mark 1:29–31): More to be Said” (ABR 68, 2020) 67–75.

Kidson, Lyn M.
The Anxious Search for the Lost Coin (Luke 15:8–10): Lost Coins, Women’s Dowries and the Contribution of Numismatics and Phenomenology to Gospel Research (ABR 68, 2020) 76–88.

Seal, David R.
Hearing the Lector’s Voice: The Reception and Delivery of the Oracles in Revelation 1:7–8 (ABR 68, 2020) 89–99.

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