Australian Biblical Review volume 61 (2013)

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Lee, Dorothy A.
Witness in the Fourth Gospel: John the Baptist and the Beloved Disciple as Counterparts (ABR 61, 2013) 1–17.

Campbell, Anthony F.
Pentateuch beyond Sources: A New Paradigm (ABR 61, 2013) 18–29.

Gilmour, Rachelle
Reading a Biblical Motif: Gifts of Listed Food Provisions in the Books of Samuel (ABR 61, 2013) 30–43.

Cadwallader, Alan
Name Punning and Social Stereotyping: Re-inscribing Slavery in the Letter to Philemon (ABR 61, 2013) 44–60.

Newton, Jon K.
Story-Lines in the Book of Revelation (ABR 61, 2013) 61–78.

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