Australian Biblical Review volume 60 (2012)

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Elvey, Anne
Love and Justice in the Gospel of Luke— Ecology, the Neighbour and Hope (ABR 60, 2012) 1–17.

O’Brien, Mark
The Dynamics of the Golden Calf Story (Exodus 32–34) (ABR 60, 2012) 18–31.

Bridge, Edward J.
The Use of עבד in Prophetic Literature (ABR 60, 2012) 32–48.

Jöris, Steffen
The Markan Use of “Unclean Spirit”: Another Messianic Strand (ABR 60, 2012) 49–66.

Wainwright, Elaine M.
Reading Matt 21:12–22 Ecologically (ABR 60, 2012) 67–79.

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