Australian Biblical Review volume 59 (2011)

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Kitchen, Merrill
Another Exile: “Jesus and His Brothers” in the Gospel of Matthew (ABR 59, 2011) 1–12.

Pinker, Aron
Qohelet’s Nuanced View on Matrimony—A New Interpretation of Qohelet 11:9–12:1a within its Pedagogical Milieu (ABR 59, 2011) 13–30.

Nguyen, Dinh Anh Nhue
An Evolution of Wisdom Teaching at Home? Comparing the Parental Discourses in Prov 23:15–28 and 2:1–22 (ABR 59, 2011) 31–52.

Gardner, Anne
The Eating of “Seeds” and Drinking of Water by Daniel and Friends: An Intimation of Holiness (ABR 59, 2011) 53–63.

Hagner, Donald A.
The Resurrection of the Body in the New Testament (ABR 59, 2011) 64–80.

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