Australian Biblical Review volume 52 (2004)

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Reaburn, Mary
St Jerome and Porphyry Interpret the Book of Daniel (ABR 52, 2004) 1–18.

Sinnott, Alice
Wisdom as Saviour (ABR 52, 2004) 19–31.

Daly-Denton, Margaret
David the Psalmist, Inspired Prophet: Jewish Antecedents of a New Testament Datum (ABR 52, 2004) 32–47.

Dowling, Elizabeth
Rise and Fall: The Changing Status of Peter and Women Disciples in John 21 (ABR 52, 2004) 48–63.

Elvey, Anne
Earthing the Text? On the Status of the Biblical Text in Ecological Perspective (ABR 52, 2004) 64–79.

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