Australian Biblical Review volume 46 (1998)

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O’Brien, Mark
The Portrayal of Prophets in 2 Kings 2 (ABR 46, 1998) 1–16.

O’Meara, Robert
“Luring the Crocus through the Snow": The Parable of the Man who Had Two Sons (Luke 15:11–32) (ABR 46, 1998) 17–35.

Byron, Brian Francis
Bethany across the Jordan or simply: Across the Jordan (ABR 46, 1998) 36–54.

Harding, Mark
The Salvation of Israel and the Logic of Romans 11:11–36 (ABR 46, 1998) 55–69.

O’Neill, J. C.
“Did You Receive the Spirit by the Works of the Law?” (Gal 3:2): The Works of the Law in Judaism and the Pauline Corpus (ABR 46, 1998) 70–84.

Osborn, E. F.
Ernst Käsemann (1906–1998): An Appreciation (ABR 46, 1998) 85.

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