Australian Biblical Review volume 41 (1993)

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Jenkins, R. G.
Translating the Scriptures: Reflections on Ancient Precedent (ABR 41, 1993) 1–17.

Newing, Edward G.
Up and Down—In and Out: Moses on Mount Sinai. The Literary Unity of Exodus 32–34 (ABR 41, 1993) 18–34.

Lee, Dorothy A.
The Story of the Woman at the Well: A Symbolic Reading (John 4:1–42) (ABR 41, 1993) 35–48.

Osborn, Eric F.
Literature, History and Logic: The Formation of the Christian Bible (ABR 41, 1993) 49–63.

Anderson, Robert
Jews and Christians: Exploring the Past, Present and Future (ed. James H. Charlesworth). Review Article (ABR 41, 1993) 65–71.

Watson, Nigel M.
John Ashton, Understanding the Fourth Gospel. Review Article (ABR 41, 1993) 72–75.

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