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Australian Biblical Review volume 4 (1954)

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Goldman, M. D.
The Meaning of “רגע” (ABR 4, 1954) 7–16.

O’Neill, J. C.
The Use of κύριος in the Book of Acts (ABR 4, 1954) 17–47.

Goldman, M. D.
The Root נקי (ABR 4, 1954) 49–56.

Morris, Leon
The Passover in Rabbinic Literature (ABR 4, 1954) 57–78.

Thompson, J. A.
The Golden Calves of Jeroboam. An Additional Note (ABR 4, 1954) 79–84.

Goldman, M. D.
Lexicographical Notes on Exegesis (5) (ABR 4, 1954) 85–92.

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