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Instructions for Contributors and Contact Details

Papers will only be considered if they conform to the requirements set out on the Catholic Biblical Quarterly web site, supplemented by the instructions set out below. Articles should generally be of the order of 5,000 words in length.

Supplementary Instructions
  • Australian spelling should be adopted.
  • En-dashes should be used instead of hyphens for verse number ranges in Scripture and other references.
  • Punctuation should be inside quotation marks.
  • Double quotation marks should be used to indicate text quoted from another author or for word definitions.
  • A brief description of the author’s academic or other position should be provided
  • An abstract of no more than 200 words should appear at the head of the article.
  • Footnotes should be provided, rather than endnotes, and the footnote number should be in a hanging indent paragraph with the footnote followed by a tab character, not a space.
  • The article should be provided in a Word document with the following style names applied to the various elements: Heading 1 (Article Title), Author Name, Author Details, Abstract, First Paragraph (for the first paragraph of each section), Normal (for all other paragraphs), Heading 2 (for sub-headings), Quote (for indented quotations). Times New Roman should be adopted as the font throughout except that SPIonic should be used for Greek characters, SPTiberian for Hebrew and SPAtlantis for transliteration. These SP fonts can be freely downloaded from the Society of Biblical Literature web site
The Editors of ABR are:

Old Testament:
The Editor (Old Testament)
Australian Biblical Review
C/- Dr Anne Gardner
P.O. Box 46
Hurstbridge Vic 3099

New Testament:
The Editor (New Testament)
Australian Biblical Review
C/- Revd Prof. Alan H. Cadwallader
3 Middletons Lane
Murrumbateman NSW 2582

Book Reviews:
Dr Gareth Wearne
25a Barker Road
Strathfield NSW 2135

All submissions of articles and enquiries on editorial matters should be done via email and directed to:

Old Testament: Dr Anne Gardner
New Testament: Revd Alan Cadwallader
Book Reviews: Dr Gareth Wearne

All subscription, membership and other enquiries should be directed to:
The Administrative Officer
Fellowship for Biblical Studies
23 Gareth Drive
Burwood East Vic 3151

Preferably, contact the Administrative Officer by email.