Volume 68, 2020
Volume 69, 2021

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Table of Contents for Volume 68, 2020

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Volume 68, 2020

Keith D. Dyer
 Paul, Matthew, Israel and the Nations1–15
Trevor Tibbertsma
 “O Happy Fall”? What Happened to Eliakim in Isaiah 22:15–25? 16–27
Martin A. Shields
 The Ignorance of Job28–39
David A. Evans
 The First Christians of Athens40–53
Grant Buchanan
 Identity and Human Agency in Galatians 5–654–66
Gerald O’Collins
 “Peter’s Mother-In-Law (Mark 1:29–31): More to be Said” 67–75
Lyn M. Kidson
 The Anxious Search for the Lost Coin (Luke 15:8–10): Lost Coins, Women’s Dowries and the Contribution of Numismatics and Phenomenology to Gospel Research76–88
David R. Seal
 Hearing the Lector’s Voice: The Reception and Delivery of the Oracles in Revelation 1:7–8 89–99
Book Reviews100–125
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Volume 69, 2021

Robyn Whitaker
 The Tale of Two Feasts: The Use of Synkrisis in Matthew 14:1–211–14
Joseph Cauchi
 Ezekiel 21:1–22 as Trauma Literature15–22
Jonathan Thambyrajah
 Jews In Susa—The Significance of Setting in the Book of Esther23–36
Adam G. White
 “You’re Stealing from Us, Paul!”: An Examination of Paul’s “Painful Visit” to Corinth and the Charge of Embezzlement37–46
Francis Innocent Otobo
 Luke’s Use of the Spirit to Engage Gentile Christians47–62
Fergus J. King
 A Failure to Launch? Paul and the Philosophers of Athens (Acts 17:16–34)63–80
Chris Armitage
 Jesus Remembered in James: James 2:5 and Matthew 5:3/Luke 6:20b as a Test Case of Social Memory in James81–99
Book Reviews100–129
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