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Table of Contents for Volumes 58–67, 2010–19

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Volume 58, 2010

Brian Boyle
 The Figure of the Nasi in Ezekiel’s Vision of the New Temple (Ezekiel 40–48)1–16
Aron Pinker
 Experimenting with Entertainment in Qohelet 2:1–317–35
John M. G. Barclay
 Paul, the Gift and the Battle over Gentile Circumcision:
Revisiting the Logic of Galatians
Eoin de Bhaldraithe
 The Johannine Prologue Structure and Origins57–71
Sandra M. Schneiders
 Biblical Interpretation—the Soul of Theology72–82
Book Reviews83–102
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Volume 59, 2011

Merrill Kitchen
 Another Exile: “Jesus and His Brothers” in the Gospel of Matthew1–12
Aron Pinker
 Qohelet’s Nuanced View on Matrimony—A New Interpretation
of Qohelet 11:9–12:1a within its Pedagogical Milieu
Dinh Anh Nhue Nguyen
 An Evolution of Wisdom Teaching at Home? Comparing the Parental Discourses
in Prov 23:15–28 and 2:1–22
Anne Gardner
 The Eating of “Seeds” and Drinking of Water by Daniel and Friends:
An Intimation of Holiness
Donald A. Hagner
 The Resurrection of the Body in the New Testament64–80
Book Reviews81–103
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Volume 60, 2012

Anne Elvey
 Love and Justice in the Gospel of Luke— Ecology, the Neighbour and Hope1–17
Mark O’Brien
 The Dynamics of the Golden Calf Story (Exodus 32–34)18–31
Edward J. Bridge
 The Use of in Prophetic Literature32–48
Steffen Jöris
 The Markan Use of “Unclean Spirit”: Another Messianic Strand49–66
Elaine M. Wainwright
 Reading Matt 21:12–22 Ecologically67–79
Book Reviews80–100
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Volume 61, 2013

Dorothy A. Lee
 Witness in the Fourth Gospel: John the Baptist and the Beloved Disciple as Counterparts1–17
Anthony F. Campbell
 Pentateuch beyond Sources: A New Paradigm18–29
Rachelle Gilmour
 Reading a Biblical Motif: Gifts of Listed Food Provisions
in the Books of Samuel
Alan Cadwallader
 Name Punning and Social Stereotyping: Re-inscribing Slavery
in the Letter to Philemon
Jon K. Newton
 Story-Lines in the Book of Revelation61–78
Book Reviews79–100
 For the full text of the book reviews in the 2013 issue, see the Reviews Index

Volume 62, 2014

Mark A. O’Brien
 The Ties that Bind in Numbers 26–361–13
Ian Young
 The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible: The View from Qumran Samuel14–30
John W. Olley
 Re-Versing Tradition: The Influence of Sense-Divisions
in Reading the Bible Then and Now
Adam G. White
 Servants, not Intellectual Clients: The Significance of Paul’s Role
as an Oikonomos in 1 Cor 4:1 and 9:17
Brian J. Incigneri
 Local Colour in Mark’s Gospel58–78
Book Reviews79–99
 For the full text of the book reviews in the 2014 issue, see the Reviews Index

Volume 63, 2015

Sean F. Winter
 “Obedient to Death”: Revisiting the Rhetorical Function of Philippians 2:6–111–13
Edward J. Bridge
 Desperation to a Desperado: Abigail’s Request to David in 1 Samuel 2514–28
Aron Pinker
 A New Interpretation of Job 28:429–41
Emmanuel Nathan and Thomas A. Vollmer
 Paul’s Reference to the Macedonians in 2 Cor 8:1–5: A Test-Case to Introduce Reputation Theory42–51
Dorothy A. Lee
 The Significance of Moses in the Gospel of John52–66
Anne Elvey
 A Hermeneutics of Retrieval: Breath and Earth Voice in Luke’s Magnificat—
Does Earth Care for the Poor?
Book Reviews84–98
 For the full text of the book reviews in the 2015 issue, see the Reviews Index

Volume 64, 2016

Catherine Playoust
 The Location of the Cloud of Witnesses (Heb 12:1):
Complexities of Time and Space in Hebrews
Janina M. Hiebel
 Redaction, Rhetoric and a New Beginning in Ezekiel 1:1–3:1514–24
Brendan Byrne
 “And so both are preserved” (Matt 9:17e):
A Fresh Look at the Wineskins Image in Matthew
Ruben Zimmermann
 Abundant and Abandoning Life:
Towards an ‘Ethic of Life’ in the Gospel of John
Christopher McMahon
 The Paternalism of Meier’s Criteria:
The ‘Prophetic’ Case against the Parable of the Good Samaritan
Michael P. Theophilos
 The Numismatic Background of Xaraktēr in Hebrews 1:369–80
Book Reviews81–96
 For the full text of the book reviews in the 2016 issue, see the Reviews Index

Volume 65, 2017

Christopher J. Monaghan
 Why Have We Reduced the Oral Tradition to Silence? The Oral Tradition’s Role in the Formation of the Minor Agreements1–16
Rachelle Gilmour
 A Tale of the Unexpected: The Ending of 2 Kings 3 Re-examined17–29
James R. Harrison
 Beneficence to the Poor in Luke’s Gospel in Its Mediterranean Context: A Visual and Documentary Perspective30–46
Robyn J. Whitaker
 From Cross to Ascension: The Surprising Locus of Salvation in Luke–Acts47–60
Francis J. Moloney
 The First Days of Jesus and the Role of the Disciples: A Study of John 1:19–561–77
Stephen C. Haar
 To Be Lutheran Is To Be a Bad Exegete: Reading the Bible in the Light of the Lutheran Reformation78–91
Book Reviews92–105
 For the full text of the book reviews in the 2017 issue, see the Reviews Index

Volume 66, 2018

Mary L. Coloe
 John 17:1–26: The Missionary Prayer of Jesus1–12
Brendan Byrne
 “Glory” as Apostolic Credibility in 2 Corinthians 2:14–4:1813–30
Norman H. Young
 “The King of the Jews”: Jesus before Pilate (John 18:28–19:22)31–42
Andrew Judd
 Gadamer, Wirkungsgeschichtliches Bewusstsein, and What To Do about Judas (Acts 1:12–22) 43–58
Alan Cadwallader
 “Bad to the Bone”: Reading Revelation Rooned59–75
Book Reviews76–84
 For the full text of the book reviews in the 2018 issue, see the Reviews Index

Volume 67, 2019

Rosemary Canavan
 A Woman, a Coin and the Prosperity of Colossae1–16
Kris Sonek
 Wrangling with Abraham: An Evaluation of Recent Studies on Genesis 12–2517–29
Xi Li
 A Purely Symbolic Theory on the Chronology in 1 Kings 6:130–47
Elizabeth Boase
 Mis-Placed Bodies: The Interpenetration of Body and Place in Jeremiah48–59
Jonathan Thambyrajah
 The Rhetoric of Memucan’s Speech: Genre and Characterisation in Esther 160–68
Dorothy A. Lee
 Natural World Imagery and the Sublime in the Gospel of Matthew69–83
Mark G. Brett
 Past and Future of Biblical Studies in Australia84–96
Book Reviews97–123
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