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Table of Contents for Volumes 48–57, 2000–2009

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Volume 48, 2000

C. L. Seow
 Beyond Mortal Grasp: The Usage of hebel in Ecclesiastes1–16
Richard Treloar
 Making a Difference: Translating the Scroll of AhaseurusView  17–30
James S. McLaren
 Josephus’s Summary Statements Regarding the Essenes, Pharisees and Sadducees31–46
Mary Coloe
 Raising the Johannine Temple (John 19:19–37)View  47–58
Gwen Ince
 Judge for Yourselves: Teasing out Some Knots in 1 Corinthians 11:2–1659–71
Antony F. Campbell
 Women Storytellers in Ancient IsraelView  72–73

Volume 49, 2001

Nigel Watson
 The First Fifty Years of the Fellowship for Biblical Studies and the Australian Biblical Review1–4
James S. McLaren
 Exploring the Execution of a Provincial: Adopting a Roman Perspective on the Death of Jesus5–18
Suzanne Boorer
 The Earth/Land (’rts) in the Priestly Material: The Preservation of the “Good” Earth and the Promised Land of Canaan throughout the Generations19–33
John M. G. Barclay
 Ordinary but Different: Colossians and Hidden Moral Identity34–52
Nigel Watson
 “And if children, then heirs" (Rom 8:17)—Why Not Sons?53–56
 Book Reviews57–73
 Indexes: 1951–200074–96

Volume 50, 2002

Antony F. Campbell
 Invitation or …? The Bible’s RoleView     1–9
Anne E. Gardner
 The Nature of the New Heavens and New Earth in Isaiah 66:22View   10–27
John Hill
 The Book of Jeremiah MT and Early Second Temple Conflicts
about Prophets and Prophecy
View  28–42
Philip Davies
 The Origin of Evil in Ancient Judaism43–54
Brendan Byrne
 The Messiah in Whose Name “The Gentiles Will Hope" (Matt 13:21): Gentile Inclusion as an Essential Element in Matthew’s Christology55–73
David C. Sim
 Matthew and the Gentiles: A Response to Brendan Byrne—and Byrne RespondsView  74–79
Book Reviews80–96
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Volume 51, 2003

Howard N. Wallace
 “Now You See Him, Now You Don’t” God and His Word in GenesisView    1–14
Antony F. Campbell
 The Book of Job: Two Questions, One AnswerView  15–25
Ruairidh Bóid
 A Samaritan Broadside from the Mid Second Century A.D.26–36
Louis H. Feldman
 Philo’s Interpretation of Jethro37–46
Norman H. Young
 Suffering: A Key to the Epistle to the Hebrews47–59
Colin G. Kruse
 Sin and Perfection in 1 John60–70
Book Reviews73–91
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Volume 52, 2004

Mary Reaburn
 St Jerome and Porphyry Interpret the Book of Daniel1–18
Alice Sinnott
 Wisdom as Saviour19–31
Margaret Daly-Denton
 David the Psalmist, Inspired Prophet: Jewish Antecedents
of a New Testament Datum
Elizabeth Dowling
 Rise and Fall: The Changing Status of Peter and Women Disciples in John 2148–63
Anne Elvey
 Earthing the Text? On the Status of the Biblical Text in Ecological Perspective64–79
Book Reviews80–96
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Volume 53, 2005

Brendan Byrne
 Paul and the Diaspora: Re-imagining Church with the Aid of Rahner and Harink1–12
Megan Warner
 Genesis 20–22:19: Abraham’s Test of Allegiance13–30
Robert Crotty
 The Literary Structure of the Binding of Isaac in Genesis 2231–41
Beverly Roberts Gaventa
 God Handed Them Over: Reading Romans 1:18–32 Apocalyptically42–53
Michael Trainor
 The Cosmic Christology of Colossians 1:15–20 in the Light of Contemporary Ecological Issues54–69
James S. McLaren
 The Census in Judea70–75
Book Reviews76–96
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Volume 54, 2006

David C. Sim
 The Appearances of the Risen Christ to Paul: Identifying Their Implications and Complications1–12
Mark O’Brien
 A Load Bearing Text for Lode Bearing Texts13–23
Audrey Schindler
 One Who Has Borne Most: The Cri de Coeur of Job’s Wife24–36
Boris Repschinski
 Re-imagining the Presence of God: The Temple and the Messiah in the Gospel of Matthew37–49
Elizabeth G. Pemberton
 The Seamless Garment: A Note on John 19:23–2450–55
Felise Tavo
 The Outer Court and Holy City in Rev 11:1–2: Arguing for a Positive Appraisal56–72
Book Reviews73–95
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Volume 55, 2007

Merryl Blair
 ‘God Is an Earthquake’: Destabilising Metaphor in Hosea 111–12
Anne E. Gardner
 1 Chronicles 8:28–32; 9:35–38: Complementary or Contrasting Genealogies?View   13–28
Brian Boyle
 ‘Let Your Garments Always Be White’ (Eccl 9:8): Time, Fate, Chance and Provident Design according to Qoheleth29–40
Mary Coloe
 The Johannine Pentecost: John 1:19–2:1241–56
Amy-Jill Levine
 Theory, Apologetic, History: Reviewing Jesus’ Jewish Context57–78
Book Reviews79–96
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Volume 56, 2008

Anne Gardner
 The Narratives of Solomon’s Reign in the Light of the Historiography of Other Ancient Civilisations1–18
John Hill
 Duhm-ed Again—Back to the Future in Jeremiah Research?19–31
Elizabeth Boase
 The Characterisation of God in Lamentations32–44
Ian J. Elmer
 I, Tertius: Secretary or Co-author of Romans45–60
Elizabeth Dowling
 Slave Parables in the Gospel of Luke—Gospel “Texts of Terror”?61–68
Isaac Kalimi
 The Murders of the Messengers: Stephen versus Zechariah and the Ethical Values of “New” versus “Old” Testament69–73
Book Reviews74–96
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Volume 57, 2009

Brian Boyle
 “Holiness Has a Shape”: The Place of the Altar in Ezekiel’s Visionary Plan of Sacral Space (Ezekiel 43:1–12, 13–17, 18–27)1–21
John Hill
 Writing the Prophetic Word: The Production of the Books of Jeremiah22–33
James M. Trotter
 The Genre and Setting of Psalm 4534–46
John Aranda Cabrido
 A Typology for Discipleship: The Narrative Function of Paidion in Matthew’s Story of Jesus47–60
James S McLaren
 A Note on Method in Historical Jesus Studies61–71
Book Reviews72–96
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